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Common Sense Solar, a division of Common Sense Mfg. Inc., offers a complete water works and renewable energy service. Our waterworks department is a Lorentz Premier Sales Service Partner, enabling us to custom design systems that meet individual producer’s needs. Services include DC solar pumps, to pipeline and storage tank design and installation. We also retro fit pump jacks to DC solar power, and install all leading brands of waterers. Our backhoe and trenching services include well pits, excavation, and the ability to vibra plow up to 36” and to trench to a 7’ depth.

Whether your water source is a well, or surface water, we will design a custom system for you. When considering available tax credits, and actual cost of ownership/operation, solar pumps are an economical alternative to AC pumps.

We are experienced in designing and installing systems in accordance with NRCS requirements, insuring all specifications are met to enable you to receive your cost sharing.

DC Solar Pump Specs:
Max Static Lift: 1500’
Max Flow: 2010 gpm
2 years for pump, motor and controller
Available Options:
Battery and AC backup/Blended Power
Pump Scanner:
Bluetooth connectivity, for connecting your smart phone or tablet to the pump controller for access to system data.
Pump Manager:
Cellular connectivity (dependent on carrier and signal strength) allows remote monitoring of your system via the Internet.

Our mobile solar pumping units allow you to move your pumping plant as part of your rotational grazing system.  This also allows you to bring your system home during the off season to safeguard your investment.  Many of our mobile pumping units are in use by NRCS, DNR, The Nature Conservancy, and various grazing associations.
Our solar powered lift stations enable you to complete your drain tile system when natural grade and slope don’t allow you to flow to a discharge point. When you consider the cost of bringing in a remote AC line, a solar lift stations presents an economical alternative.
Our renewable energy department specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial generating systems.  We also design solar systems for remote cabins and RV’s.
We also sell and install radiant in-floor heat, in-floor thermal storage, ice and snow melt, PTAC units, and electric radiant ceiling heat.

Radiant in-floor heat offers a cost effective way to heat any building, residential, commercial and ag. In fact, we have so much confidence in radiant heat, we have it installed in our own facility. When comparing costs with propane and geo-thermal, we believe you will find radiant electric to be an easy choice to make.

Our radiant electric ice and snow melt is perfect for walkways and driveways, both residential and commercial. It is also a great option for livestock confinement and loading facility’s.

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